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SEED 1dayPure moisture

SEED 1dayPure moisture for Astigmatism

The daily disposable soft contact lens to be made in Japan, SEED 1dayPure moisture offers you the best of our proprietary technology and award-winning design. Try a pair today and enjoy exceptional vision, comfort and convenience all-day long!
SEED 1dayPure moisture for Astigmatism has been well-received for its good quality as well as its natural moisturizing agent and 2 extra pieces of lenses since its launch in the market.

SEED 1dayPure Multistage

SEED 1 Day Pure Up Flex

Discover the daily disposable contact lens for presbyopia that daily disposable contact lens users have long desired - SEED 1dayPure Multistage. With an optical design that is crafted to deliver "Natural Vision", it enables single vision lens users to easily shift.
Dailies Digital Contact Lens (Anti-Fatigue), for those who staying active in front of computers/gadgets. Assisting in both Myopia (distance) and Near Vision when reading. This softlens is a combination of Minus and Plus, it has Plus +0.50 for each lens. The "Flex" Zone area of +0.50 assisting the users when reading/near vision and relaxing the eyes. Very suitable for those 30 - 40 years old.